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Farmers of Munger have told the real pain of agriculture of Bihar

  • In the Corona period they worked as daily wages labor

  • No government has paid any attention to us

  • Last minute damage caused due to worm

Deepak Naorangi

Munger: Farmers of Munger, revealed many new information which were

previously unknown. Officers do not come to the village, this is an old thing.

For the first time, the people there also complained that no media worker had

even reached before to understand their pain.

See detailed report on this in the video

Ninety percent of the people of the village where the farmers of munger belong

are connected with agriculture. All have suffered severe distress and crisis

during the Corona period. They hoped that by selling the crop produced by

farming at the right price, would help them to stand again. But now the

situation is that there is no system of procurement of paddy at the government

level. On the other hand, the economic status of most of the farmers did not

remain that they could hold the paddy till good price was obtained. So they are

forced to sell paddy to middlemen at a quarter to one price. Farmers of

munger said, “ If we let go of this opportunity, then the season of his next

harvest will pass out. In the coming days, they will be sowing wheat crop in

their fields.

Farmers of Munger detailed losses

It was only by talking to the farmers there that when the paddy started

ripening, there was an outbreak of insects on that standing crop. The situation

was so dire that even laborers were not available for help. The disadvantage of

this was that three quarters of the finished crop fell to insects. Now the

concern of how those families will be raised from a quarter crop is haunting

them. On the other hand, the farmers of Munger also informed about the

business of middlemen. He said that selling paddy at three-fourths of the

government rate is a compulsion because they have no money. With this

money, the next crop and family is to be fed. Now the situation is that apart

from buying the crop at a cheaper price, middlemen are weighing paddy up to

45 kg instead of forty kg. The farmer is compelled to bear it because of his

compulsion, as at present there is nothing on the ground of reality other than

the declaration from the government.

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