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We thank Google for honoring our honest efforts

We thank many times in our editorials to many leaders and governments. This

thanks is given for the policy decisions or decisions taken by them. Even today,

Hemant Soren government has been thanked in the main Editorial for the fact

that he has taken a decision to waive the debt of seven lakh farmers, which will

have far-reaching consequences. But thanks to Google, Google has been

praised for the quality and function of national news amid efforts that the

media was struggling to keep itself alive during the Corona crisis. On behalf of

the Journalists Relief Fund, Google has considered the national news worth

giving relief due to the struggle of this crisis.

It is a matter of pride for Rashtriya Khabar that the only running media

institute in Jharkhand selected for this relief from the media institutions

around the world is Rashtriya Khabar.

Let us tell that only 12 thousand applications were selected from all over the

world for Google News Initiative Journalism Emergency Relief Fund. Being

selected from thousands of media institutions of one hundred countries all

over the world is also a matter of pride for Rashtriya Khabar. Google has made

this relief money available to National News as part of its first phase relief.

We Thanks Google only for this also.

We thank more due to Corona crisis help

The importance of this relief also increases because during this period all the

media institutions undergoing crisis also demanded relief from the state and

central governments. Due to Corona crisis and lock down troubles, many

institutions in many states of India had to stop publishing for a long time.

Knowing this, DAVP, RNI and PIB had also given relaxation in their rules and

provisions so that they can get a chance to handle after the disaster in media

institutions. But choosing the national news for international relief can be

seen as a result of our sincere efforts.

When there was no help and relief at the government level within the country,

in the midst of the crisis, the world’s most popular search engine company

Google understood and helped this pain and challenge of journalists, on behalf

of all those institutions Thanks google too.

During the selection of the Rashtriya Khabar for his relief, several terms of

confidentiality were agreed to by Google. So, we are not mentioning that in

detail. But based on the exemption from Google, we can say that 227 names

from the country are in this list, most of which are also different companies of

media houses. National news is mentioned in the active institute from

Jharkhand at number 159. According to the instructions from Google,

according to their convenience at the international level from Google itself, the

provisions of this list and selection will probably be revealed in the future.

But We Thank for showing all that big brands of India doesn’t carry extra

weight in when it comes to international standard. So Its certain that it is the

content which only matters and its presentation. So Its a moral busting for us

doing sincere journalism too. 

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