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Brain eating algae is increasing its area in United States

  • Disease is spread in many areas of America

  • Temperature rise leading to colder areas

  • Human brain is main food of this

  • Enters the body through the nose

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Brain eating algae is matter of concern now a days in United States

of America. The area of brain-eating algae, the Amoeba, is expanding rapidly

in the US. Despite this being very strange to hear, there is indeed a great

danger because after reaching the mind, the man himself starts moving

towards killing himself. Actually this algae starts to control the mind in reverse

direction. Excess of infection is enough to put the patient to sleep in death.

More patients have been found in recent times in many areas of South

America. Some scientists believe that its effect has increased rapidly in recent

times due to the change of weather. Now the situation is that now its patients

are also getting in the northern part of America. It is clear that this Amoeba is

slowly spreading its area.

This Amoeba, which loses the mind of man, is not new. The only difference is

that in recent times it is becoming more effective. Amoeba is administered

by naegleria fowleri. Scientists and doctors have known about its occurrence in

America since last four decades. Earlier its patients were very few. In recent

times, concern is increasing due to increasing number of its patients. This

algae also has only one shell like the original algae. It is generally found more

in fresh water areas when the water temperature is slightly higher. Therefore,

there is a possibility of its reach to humans through the lake and rivers. Once it

reaches the brain, it starts eating the brain and the result is death.

Brain eating algae was detected earlier

Researchers have found that this algae, which usually comes out of infected

water, moves through human nostrils. It also enters through the nose in order

to make progress to the brain. While increasing its effect in the nose, the

human’s ability to smell is affected. After reaching the brain further, it starts to

drain the brain tissue because it is their food. The rate of growth of offspring is

very high as more algae eat more food. This makes that active part of the brain

their food. Due to the brain being damaged in the initial state, it is the human

mind that starts giving wrong messages and signals to the body. By the way,

research has shown that drinking the infected water does not affect it. Because

of the knowledge that it is more active in hot water, researchers are assuming

that perhaps due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, they are also

getting the opportunity to grow and spread rapidly.

Avoid water bodies contaminated with it

A scientific arrangement published yesterday, December 16, has given detailed

information among scientists. It has been told that in those water bodies like

lake, river, pond or other water bodies where the temperature is high, only

swimmers can be more vulnerable. The figures from 1978 to 2018 show that

this is why people were hit by it. Over the years, its impact has never been

more than six percent. A total of 185 people had a record of being hit by it. But

from the patients who are getting it now, it shows that the scope of this algae is

moving northwards at a speed of about 8, .2 miles every year. This can also

have the effect of change of weather as the area of north was relatively cold

where records of temperature rise are being recorded now. At present no rapid

method of detecting its infection has been developed. That’s why scientists are

advising people to identify such infected areas and avoid swimming there.

They are also saying that if you are very fond of swimming, then save your

nose from that water.


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