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Crocodiles survived but the dinosaurs went extinct

  • Both existed in ancient times

  • Meteorite fire killed the dinosaurs

  • The size of only crocodiles has become smaller now

  • Scientists are trying to pin point the main reason of this

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Crocodiles have survived since ancient period. Our earth has reached

today, going through a period of gradual development. There have been

constant changes since the origin of life. Many types of life have evolved from

an Amoeba. But now scientists are looking for the answer to the question of

what was the reason that even after the extinction of the dinosaur species,

crocodiles of the same period are still present in the earth till today. Both these

creatures lived on the ancient earth, scientific confirmation has already been

done. It has also been learned that crocodiles of ancient times used to be so

large that they used to hunt dinosaurs as well. Now scientists at the University

of Bristol are trying to understand the reasons behind it. That kept the

crocodiles alive during the extinction of the dinosaurs. It is believed that due

to the collision of a very large size meteorite on the earth, all the species of

dinosaurs were destroyed in the fire that took place all over the world. But at

the same time, most of the life of water was lost due to the falling glass in the

sky due to the meteorite falling from the sky. In such a situation, the question

of how crocodiles remain alive is churning scientists. Scientists are moving

forward for this by connecting link to link. It is being discovered that only 25

beings of the life that existed here on the very ancient earth i.e. about two

hundred million years ago, are now alive.

Crocodiles are among 25 ancient species still alive

Most of the animals present here during the Jurassic period have ended by

this time. Crocodiles are prominent among the animals that have survived

since then. However, in the course of research, scientists have repeatedly

clarified that the giant crocodiles that existed on earth in ancient times are no

longer there, but even after being small in size, they are still alive in our water

life as crocodiles. Many of their species have evolved in different periods.

Scientists believe that this work of gradual development runs very slowly. For

this reason, the life of a species does not even realize the changes taking place

inside it. This change emerges prominently after several generations. By the

way, it has also been understood that as the temperature increases, the pace of

gradual development also increases. Along with this, their body size has also

increased. Dr. Max Stockdale, the lead author of the published book about this

research, says that they have also used a computer method for this. Through

this, they are able to analyze the data of millions of years of gradual

development. By matching the fossils of the earlier species and the figures of

the present species, it is being found that what qualities were there in a species

which were not there now or which of the present species of the present

species were not present in the earlier species.

Probably they survived due to heat absorbing capacity

The result of this is that the internal structure of the crocodile’s body had

become such that the changes on the earth did not affect them which pushed

them to the brink of extinction. One conclusion of the research is that the

crocodile probably has the advantage of no temperature control mechanism

inside the body. They collect the temperature for their body in a warm

environment or in sunlight. Dinosaurs did not have this feature. Perhaps due

to this, they have become victims of change even though crocodiles are alive

even today. In just a period of gradual development, their size has become

much smaller than before. It is also believed that crocodiles saved themselves

in the hot glass rain caused by meteorites while in the water due to the heat

from outside. On the other hand, dinosaurs burnt to ashes in a fire caused by

meteorite rain.

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