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Midnight walker businessman praised Nitish Kumar for governance

  • Chief Minister has done very well many times

  • No Gentle man could walk due to anti socials

  • Earlier the market used to be closed earlier

Deepak Naurangi

Bhagalpur: Midnight walker gave full marks to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

on all aspects. It was a quick survey to know the real feeling of general mass of

Bihar. This talk confirmed that those who are making various kinds of

allegations against Nitish Kumar for some crimes, they do not really talk about

public opinion. Actually, to check what the general public thinks about this

and the current Chief Minister of Bihar, it was done to check it suddenly at


See the video what the General man said

When a person was asked to walk on the road near Khalifabad Chowk in

Bhagalpur, he expressed his opinion in very clear words. Walking on his foot,

Mr. Shiv Kumar Verma defined the difference between the earlier and the

present regime in a clear way like water from his perspective. He clearly said

that if he is walking on foot at twelve in the mid night, then this is the

certificate for the rule of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Otherwise, the market

used to be closed long ago before Nitish Kumar’s government. Mr. Verma said

that earlier condition was such that common people and women avoided to

walk on the streets after evening. When Nitish Kumar assumed power, the

state of Bihar’s law & order situation was not hidden from anyone. In the first

ten years, the Chief Minister has done a lot of work in improving the condition

of roads and law and order. His previous rule will also be remembered because

he has banned liquor in the entire state. Due to this decision, alcoholics who

are indulging in strangulation on the streets are no longer seen.

Midnight walk is possible due to good situation

Due to this prohibition, it has become possible for a gentle person to walk on

the streets. Otherwise, drunk people used to bump into abuses on the way. Mr.

Verma said that the administration is well maintained in the district.

Regarding the charge against Nitish Kumar after the murder of a person in

Patna, he clearly said that earlier people could not leave. Now the situation is

that even at twelve o’clock Midnight people can come fearlessly. He said that

now people are also getting awareness. Mr. Verma himself is also the official of

his caste organization. Referring to Lalu’s reign, he said that in the evening, all

the shops used to be closed there, while mentioning the visit of his Purnia

district. In comparison, it can be said that Nitish Kumar’s rule is good. This

gentleman, who met at twelve o’clock in the night, said that he regularly leaves

after dinner. Police administration people on the streets appear attentive.

Hence it can be assumed that he is completely satisfied with Nitish Kumar’s

rule in Bihar.


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