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Twelve new species are discovered may be more are there

  • A lot is still unknown in the depths of the sea

  • Joint operation going on in Atlantic Ocean

  • Less to know about sea level than Moon and Mars

  • Direct impact of environmental imbalance even in depth

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Twelve new species has been discovered so far by Scientists. They

have concrete proof about these sea lives. Therefore it can be assumed that our

science has not yet learned everything about the inside of the ocean. As

technologies are developing, we are able to see better in the depths of the

ocean. The twelve species we are discussing have all been found in the Atlantic

Ocean. Human species was not discovered before this species. Therefore, the

possibility that even in the depths of the sea there is still something that we

really do not know. Our science has not yet reached many deep areas.

Along with the ongoing research for the last five years, oceanographers from

all over the world are working on a global project. Under this, a computer

model of the situation inside the entire ocean of the entire earth has to be

prepared. This is being done because neither humans have been able to reach

many areas of the oceans, nor have they been able to see the sophisticated

instrument made by humans. But the discovery of twelve new species in this

period proves that there is still much unknown in the depths of the sea. As

human reach is increasing and scientific instruments are being used in

research, new facts are coming out. Among the new species that have been

discovered are not only the organisms but also species like algae and corals.

These were not seen earlier because of not peeping at sea level.

Twelve new species many still unknown

Scientists involved with this research have made it clear that all the twelve

species under the new discovery are on the verge of extinction due to

environmental imbalance. They are also being affected by the change of

weather. Many forests of corals, in particular, are being completely cleared.

This is happening because the salt water there is becoming more acidic due to

dissolution of more carbon dioxide in the seawater. Therefore, researchers

have specifically said that conservation of areas where this species is found is

very important. Some of them live close to the hot water springs at sea level.

Therefore, if the condition of these areas can be kept unchanged, then this

species will remain, it is believed by marine scientists. Otherwise, in the

manner in which the environment of the whole world is deteriorating rapidly,

even the sea will not be able to survive. At the same time, due to plastic

pollution, life in the depths of the sea is causing more harm. Many animals are

sitting on their lives because of swallowing more plastic.

We probably know more about the moon than the sea

Professor Geroge Wolff, a oceanographer at Liverpool University, says that in

terms of modern science and information, it would be better to say that as

much as we know about the moon or Mars today, we do not have as much

information from the depths of the ocean. A better map of space is available,

while mapping the depths of the ocean is still incomplete. For this reason,

when any new research reaches the depths of the ocean, something new comes

into our knowledge. Professor Murray Roberts of Edinburgh University says

that the Atlas project of the last five years has given so much information.

Under this, certain areas of the depth of the sea have also been identified. He

clarified that it is only due to these special sea areas that some species are left.

If these areas are also hit by pollution, then there will be no way to save these


Let us tell that marine scientists from 13 countries are doing this research

together on the Atlantic Ocean. In this sequence, these twelve new species

have been discovered, about which there was no information beforehand.

Regarding this research, Professor Claire Armstrong of Tromos University said

that after knowing so much, it is easy to understand where and how the danger

may occur. Hence there is a dire need to pay more attention to saving them.

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