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Good news for bald headed people around the world

  • Mangrove trees will cure baldness

  • Success in identifying special hormones

  • Test was successful on many men and women

Rashtriya khabar

Ranchi: Good news for the Bald headed around the world that now their

baldness can be removed. Many medicines that claim to remove this baldness

do billions of businesses every year. But none of these have been fully

successful. Now for the first time it has been claimed that the method adopted

to remove baldness has proved successful. Mangrove tree has been used for

this. The juice extracted from these trees has been claimed to remove

baldness. In this method the growth of that hormone can be stopped which

can liberate the Bald headed around the world from this problem

permanently. It has been reported that the chemicals prepared from the juice

extracted from this tree have been tested on men and women. In both, it is

equally effective. Researchers in Thailand have discovered this and the juice

extracted from the mangrove tree contains a chemical called avisiquinin C.

This entire research is based on this chemical. The most prominent causes of

baldness have been included in this research. It has been found that it has

been completely effective in a small group of fifty people. With its use, not only

has the hair fallen, but new hair has also started growing. The juice extracted

from the mangrove tree is called Avicinnia merin. During research and testing,

it has been found that due to baldness on the head of the people, the flat areas

that have become, have disappeared and new hair has started growing in

them. The research team of Chulongkorin University has done this work.

Good News need more clinical trial now

On the other hand the same juice will also be used on more people after

getting permission from Thailand Food and Drug Administration. To reach

this conclusion, the research team has investigated more than fifty natural

Aryuvedic juices. This chemical found from the mangrove tree also increases

the production of hair-growing proteins on the head of the human body,

whereas the chemical due to the excess, which causes hair loss, also stops.

Scientists have said that chemically prepared chemicals are already present in

the market. But those chemicals also have side effects. This is why many

people are unable to use them.

Being natural, the side is not perfect

Research experts believe that natural chemicals derived from the mangrove

tree are definitely going to be much better than synthetic chemicals that

contain sife effects, while their side effects will also be zero because it is a

natural product. But it is certain that its claim to be fully successful is a great

relief for the Bald headed around the world. Bald headed around the world has

to work hard to remove their baldness. Also, the effect of this type of baldness

at a young age also creates a mentally inferiority complex. It is estimated that

after the natural method of growing hair on the head, people will get rid of

these problems too.

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