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Ant’s world is more complex and cruel than humans

  • Stings of many species hurt humans

  • Sixteen thousand species have been identified

  • Genetic changes are also seen in many species now

  • The rebellion of ants workers is also turning upside down

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Ant’s world was never a matter of concern for human so far. Humans 

get to know about certain species from their experience. We are more careful

when listening to ants whose stings are more painful or by getting personal

experience. But this ant’s world is also more complex and inexorable than the

human world. There is no sympathy for negative life here. Researchers believe

that this species has to follow their own rigid rules to stay alive, which seems

to be extremely ruthless in the eyes of us humans. Even before taking birth,

certain species of eggs become the species of animals that become infants. In

fact, it has been observed in scientific research that when a certain type of

smell comes out from the eggs, it is known what is inside the eggs. After this,

mass destruction of this type is also done. The aim is to preserve the survival

of the species and its ability to work together. Many times, in ants of a

particular species, the work of men is limited to the growth. They have a

matriarchal structure. Here male ants are useful only to have children. After

that they die automatically and become food of their own species or any other

insect moth. Susanne Fotjic, an expert at Ludwig Maxmillan University in

Munich, has also written a book on this method of life based on her

experiences. It also talks about the effects of genetic changes in the world of

ants. It may sound strange but rebellions are happening there now. The

workers have started grabbing power by killing the rulers.

Ant’s world is still not explored completely

What we generally know about ants so far is that there are queen of ants, who

lay eggs. When there are soldiers around it, they protect their population from

any external attack. In this population, the largest number of laborers are

those who work, take care of future generations, and even if necessary, risk

their lives and fail the attack. Now new information has come out that this is

being observed in the ants of the Temnothorox longispinos species. The

scientific team studying them has found that this attack on eggs hatching in

their colony is carried out by laborers ants. It has been observed that after a

particular period of time the laborers ants take care of them, suddenly these

workers kill some of these eggs. After seeing this, scientists found this thing

very strange. Then more intensive research was done on this. Research has

shown that their eggs are the same in the early stages. Therefore, the working

class keeps taking equal care of everyone. After a particular time, after coming

out a special smell from them, the laborers understand that the egg of a

species that rules inside that egg is growing. The eggs are attacked as soon as it

is detected. At this stage, the baby inside the eggs is not in a position to do

anything. They are killed and thrown out of the colony.

Feticide of the ruling class is now a genetic change

After the abolition of such rulers in a generation, by virtue of the number force

itself is overthrown, whereas all the ants of the ruling class are destroyed. This

is the effect of genetic changes of recent times.

Most of us do not even know that more than sixteen thousand species of ants

have been discovered in this world so far. Some species living among dense

forests may not have even been detected so far. Some of these species are

extremely aggressive and attack an animal in millions of crores

simultaneously. In scientific testing, it has been found that ants that have

settled on the Christmas island of the Indian Ocean have also been attacked by

ants and brought them to the brink of extinction. They also attack any insect

moth that comes close to their population. The strange situation is that if there

is such a species in the forests of Peru and Brazil, then it kills the remaining

plants apart from the plants of its useful species.

The power of attack of some species is shocking

Scientists have also studied ants of a species making their food in a few

minutes by making a flag. This research has also found that ants of the

Odontomachus baueri species attack at speeds of 143 mph in the 130th of a

second. It is impossible to avoid a victim from such an attack of millions of

ants simultaneously.

Overall, researchers believe that ant’s world and their colonies are more

organized than humans, where everyone knows their responsibility and does

not dishonest in their work. This is because he is aware that the result of his

omission may have to be incurred by himself and his entire village.


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