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Narendra Modi is repeating Indira Gandhi’s mistake

Narendra modi is not the first one. Indira Gandhi too had made such a

mistake on the issue of farmers, but after realizing this, she accepted her

mistake and immediately withdrew her decision. But the fault of this one

mistake was that the movement of Jayaprakash Narayan rose and the politics

of emergency came out as the Congress swept through the whole country.

Indira Gandhi was not only ousted from power due to mismanagement of this

Emergency but also went through many other problems. But Indira Gandhi’s

political understanding was so mature that she continued to accept the

mistake she had made on every occasion. The result of which was also seen by

this country later. After the victory of 2014, the leadership of the present BJP

or, say, the pair of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, went on to do all the work

in the posture of self. What mistake did Indira Gandhi make in 1973 by

nationalizing the country’s grain trade. At that time, his socialist stance was at

its peak, it was believed that Durga was in incarnation after the creation of

Bangladesh and could not make a mistake. This was the same period when the

economy was struggling with war and their totalitarian socialism. The oil

prices had suffered a major setback due to the instability of the Gulf region

and inflation had fallen to 33 per cent.

Narendra modi should have read the history

In this era, Indira Gandhi was living in the Soviet-style socialist imagination

and everything including cars was fixed. The bottom line is that his left-

leaning chief advisor and then Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission

DP Dhar had explained to him that the best way to control prices is to

nationalize the grain business. Obviously no public opinion was taken in this

matter. Where do strong and popular leaders do this. It invited disaster.

Farmers, traders, consumers were all angry. Prices rose, food grains began to

decrease and farmers went from poorest to poorer. Among those who worked

with him, the man who recognized the impending crisis and tried to warn him

was a well-known Punjabi economist: BS Minhas. But his opinion was not

given due consideration. This was the only major decision that Indira Gandhi

had to take back even though there was no political challenge before her. The

circumstances of Indira Gandhi and the present are different. Indira Gandhi

attempted to distance the private market from the peasants and turned her

back. Modi wants to bring the market to the farmers but the farmers do not

want that. But there is no political contradiction. In both cases the highly

powerful and powerful leaders failed to recognize their limits.

Indira Gandhi had more majority than modi

At that time Indira Gandhi had 352 seats in the Lok Sabha while Modi had

303 seats. In a democratic country like India, there is a limit to the popularity

of leaders. The campaign to leave the LPG subsidy where the bulk of the

population was involved and included their supporters. But they do not enjoy

this popularity in Punjab, nor do people trust them as much as in Gujarat or

Hindi states. In politics, if your goal is only to win elections, then Chanakya

policy can work. But for the governance, Chanakya policy is also needed and

the state of Rama also needs to be consulted by others. You cannot persuade

the farmers by persuading them, nor can you dismiss them as Khalistani. Due

to this lack of patience and not understanding the extent of personal

popularity in Punjab, such situations were created regarding agricultural laws.

It could have been the most reformist step of the second term after all the

disturbances in the economy in the first term of the Modi government. But as

we all know, in a democratic system, economic policy is nothing but a form of

politics. The result is in front of us that the BJP has lost its biggest vote banks

in many areas. These vote banks expressed their confidence in Modi in the last

two Lok Sabha elections. However, in both the elections, the influence of Modi

against the local candidate has proved to be a major role in bringing the BJP

car to the top.

Now, even after understanding the three agricultural laws in its own way, this

government is going to suffer the consequences of not consulting the farmers.

Now it is to be seen whether Narendra Modi himself understands this political

loss like Indira Gandhi.

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