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He carried Son’s dead body in a sack on foot for postmortem

  • Information reached on Nitish Kumar, policemen suspended

  • The picture was viral on social media in Bihar

  • CM was furious after getting this information

  • Police headquarters immediately took action

Bureau chief

Bhagalpur: He carried his own son’s dead body in a sack and walked for several

kilometers. No arrangement was made by the police to send this corpse for

postmortem. When Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came to know about such

indifference through some means, he got furious. He is already very angry about

the state of law and order in Bihar.

Know what was the whole matter in the video

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, Sub Inspector Rajdev Raman and ASI

Nandlal Chaudhary have been suspended with immediate effect in this case.

Sensing the sharp attitude of the Chief Minister, the suspension order of the two

officers has also been sent to the respective districts from the police headquarters

in the hurry.

In fact, the son of Teju Yadav, a resident of Teentanga village of Gopalpur police

station of Navagachiya, had suddenly gone missing. Information about its

disappearance was lodged in the police station. On 3 March last, his mutilated

corpse was recovered in the Ganges. It is believed that he drowned while crossing

the Ganges. Because of this, his corpse was swept away. The corpse was

recovered from near Kheria Ganga Ghat in Katihar. On the basis of mutual

information, the local police reached there and the father of the missing 13-year-

old boy also ran away. No arrangements were made by the police to send the

corpse for postmortem . In compulsion, the father filled the corpse in a plastic

sack and He carried it to the police station on foot. Meanwhile, after the

information of is incident became public on social media, information was

reached to the Chief Minister of Bihar.

He carried it because police didn’t help with transport

Seeing this situation, Nitish Kumar, already angry, was fueled by fire, it is said.

On his instructions, Rajdev Raman, Under Inspector of Police of Gopalpur Police

Station and Assistant Under Inspector of Kursela Police Station, Nandlal

Chaudhary, have been held responsible for the lapse. On the direct intervention of

the Chief Minister, SDPO Katihar Sadar investigated the matter and reported the

fault of these two officers. Based on this report, both the officers have been

suspended with immediate effect. In the information released by the Police

is committed to the protection of human rights. Therefore, if any information of

this kind of negligence comes to the fore, action will be taken immediately

against the responsible officials.

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