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Light treatment can reduce brain damage Experiment done

  • With the help of X rays, the neuron will be activated

  • Already involved in ancient Indian medical science

  • Red color has more effect than blue color

  • Nano particles are activated inside

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Light treatment can help us in brain disorders. We all know that there is a

direct relation of life with light. Our day is also determined by sunlight. Human

may stay awake till late in the night. Other animal birds only rest in the dark after

sunset. They wake up again the next day, illuminated by sunrise. Now researchers

studying human brains under medical science have found that the brain can be

repaired by light treatment. In preliminary tests, it has been observed that this

method is effective for those who are unable to balance their mind. Neurons

inside the brain can be activated with the help of X-ray process. This X-ray device

is exactly the same as the dental doctors use. Due to the lack of proper electrical

circuits in the brain, many people have problems in running properly, this is a

sighted thing. Actually, it has already been researched and it has been observed

that the brain waves cannot be properly transmitted to the parts of the body, which

are active in walking. Many times, even after the brain signals reach these organs

correctly, the signal of functioning from those organs to the brain is not able to

return. Among the people affected by this type of problem all over the world, 5

crore people are epileptic, four crore people are suffering from body jerk and one

crore people are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Apart from this, there are

many people who are unable to properly align between the brain and other parts

of the body.

Light treatment with the use of colors to activate the brain

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s National Laboratory in Aragon

have taken this work forward. He was accompanied by scientists from four

universities there. The method in which partial success has been achieved is based

on optics and genetics. Scientists speculate that this light treatment may also be

effective in relieving depression and pain. In this experiment, Nano particles are

injected inside the brain with the help of injection. These are special types of

Nano particles which are active in light. So when these Nano particles inside the

brain are affected by X ray rays, they also activate the neurons around them.

Researchers associated with the research believe that in the future, with the

further advancement of this method, brain surgery itself will cease to work. The

lead author of a research published about this research and National Laboratory’s

Elena Rozhkova says that it is easy to do this work with a very small size X ray

machine because this device is also available to any dentist.

The brain is activated by a special kind of wave

The work of controlling physical activities by creating special waves inside the

brain has been tried long ago. For this, Nano rods are inserted to specific areas

inside the brain, which are connected to the receiving device from outside the

brain. When the signal is sent from a distance to this device, the scale of

activation inside the brain changes. In 1960, the method was tested on a bull by

Spanish American scientist Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado. In the presence of

the people, he had shown that he had set up a bull running to attack him, with the

help of external signal in the same manner when he came very close. A special

type of electrodes were placed in the brain of that animal to receive the signal.

The method that has been tried now is much more advanced than before. In this

method, sending subtle particles inside the brain activates them with the help of

X-rays from outside and with the help of these active fine particles, activates the

brain neurons of a particular area. By the way, laser is also being used for small

brain operations. Now with this X ray method, there is no need to apply

electrodes from outside to activate the brain and the surrounding fibers are burnt

by the use of laser inside the brain. The nano particles that have been transported

receive energy from X ray rays and turn them into red.

Red color is more effective than blue color

Know that the red color reaches more depth inside the brain than the blue color.

Due to this type of new light being produced inside the brain, the neurons there

are activated. The research team has succeeded in generating such activism in a

small area already defined. Therefore, he hopes that this method can be further

upgraded in the future. By the way, let us say that the treatment of sunlight has

been a prevalent rule in ancient Indian medical practice. Even today, experienced

physicians who treat patients by traditional method also use it regularly. But they

do not resort to any machine, but instead tell the patient the method of removing

their problems by taking energy from the rays of the sun.

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