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Som Prakash Honest journey as a police officer to MLA

  • Been serving in Bihar Police till 2010

  • In his support there was rail blockade

  • Earned popularity by posting in many districts

  • Changing the face does not change the system

Deepak Naorangi

Rohtas:  Som Prakash is a name that can inspire many youths even today towards

jobs and social service. Even those who know him can say that not every person

living within system is corrupt. Remaining flawless even after serving in the

police department makes Mon Prakash different from others. But this is his old


In the video, He Explained every thing

Today, he is a former MLA of Obra assembly constituency. Som Prakash himself

believes that the car of his life will suddenly turn in this direction, he never

thought. The story of his reinstatement in the police as a young man coming from

a normal family is also encouraging. He recalls that after returning to work from

the farm, he was told by his brother that the advertisement for the reinstatement

had come out. Bhai was confident that if Som Prakash is determined, he can

complete this challenge. So now the policeman joined the reinstatement and

became a police officer in the Bihar Police in the year 1994. In his conversation

with them in a very calm environment today, he made it clear again as per his

fame that while coming to the job, he had taken a vow that whenever he feels that

he will have to give up his faith for the job, the job at that moment Will leave and

come. After receiving training, Som Prakash, Motihari District, STF stayed for a

few months. Remained posted in Aurangabad district and Patna district. He came

in for a lot of headlines.

Som Prakash took decision while living in the Himalayas

Som Prakash Bakhtiyarpur was station officer for about 8 months in the year 2009

from March 16 to November 2011. He left Bakhtiyarpur within three hours of the

transfer at nine in the night. There was a widespread mass movement in

Bakhtiyarpur to protest against his transfer. He left the area within a few hours of

the transfer order, while after he left there was such agitation for several days that

the train was disrupted even to traffic. He is particularly known throughout the

department for his honesty and for resolving the mutual matters of the public.

Resigned on 16 August 2010 after 16 years of police service. In the Obra area

where he was once in-charge of the police station, he contested elections as an

independent candidate in the year 2010 and the public also made him victorious.

In a special talk with him, he made it clear that in politics also he has come with

some rules. Among these, there is a pledge not to spend money in elections, not to

ask for votes on caste lines and not to ask for a ticket from any party. Regarding

the last election, he says that the people received donations of about 1 lakh 48

thousand rupees from the people in the election. About 1 lakh 22 thousand rupees

were spent in the election and 26 thousand rupees left.

It is the first police inspector in Bihar who stood and won as an independent

candidate from Obra Assembly constituency of Aurangabad at the time when

Nitish Kumar was under the wave of Nitish Kumar in 2010. After that, he has lost

twice in a row, but his relationship with honesty continues even today as a joint of

Fabicol. He is currently residing in Rohtas district.

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