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Dogs use their own brains what and when to act

  • Research on 54 dogs has resulted in

  • They also understand the consequences

  • Social behavior also learn from the brain

  • Few species also included those who think like human

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Dogs apply their minds. That is, they also take human decisions by

understanding the way humans see things around them. Scientists have concluded

this after a research. In this research it has also been found that dogs also know

what the result of any of their actions is going to be. That is, they assess the result

of any of their actions on their behalf. Last Thursday, a dissertation about this

research has been published in the journal Scientific Reports. Under this, an

attempt has been made to understand that most of the species of Schwann behave

similarly in this case. Scientists have found that dogs, like humans, are fully

aware of their bodies. They understand very well what they can or should not do

with this body. This knowledge is only born in the brain, so it has been assumed

that dogs can also think. Assessing your identity and your condition and reaching

a decision are also big hallmarks of the use of mind. Therefore it can be assumed

that dogs also work thoughtfully. After being born, his control of his body and his

relationship with his mind also grow stronger. Some similar situation also

happens in the children of humans. As he develops physically, his relationship

with the mind gets better. Later it becomes more efficient. This is also another

symptom of the development of the power of thinking and thinking.

Dogs work by taking the right decision with their thinking

Scientists have also given an example of the development of humans. A human

child is unable to control his body at the time of being born. But as his physical

development progresses, he keeps improving the coordination of mind and body.

For example, a five-month-old child begins to understand the fact of moving his

feet. As he gets older, he is able to control other parts of the body with his brain

power. A similar situation also occurs with dogs. Scientists have understood this

thing through a variety of experiments conducted on dogs. For example, before

jumping to a particular distance, the dog decides the success of this goal in his

mind. He improves his direction and balance of power as required. He jumps only

after this work is done. This is also a better example of mind control. Dogs of

certain species can jump to great heights. But it has also been observed that the

dog thinks for a few moments before leaping to a particular height and during this

time his physical condition also changes. That is, only after seeing and

understanding everything, he executes his action. This is because his mind is

determining the need of power of the body and the success of setting goals inside

the mind.

The monkey also makes a long jump thinking this way

Some monkeys living on trees in the forest, after seeing everything on the basis of

this mind power, make a long jump from one tree to another. Due to this power,

they are also able to cheat the predator animal many times. This has been better

understood in the research of dogs. Dogs use their brains to learn social behavior

as well. Dogs also learn the identity of who is their own and who is alien in the

dog’s flag and through social training. Therefore, if a dog from any other area

comes to their area, then they attack him by forming teams. The research team of

the University of Hungary conducted 54 tests involving 54 different dogs, and

several brain-related tests. Based on these tests, it has been concluded that dogs

can use their brains properly.

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