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Sea snails can grow its entire body proved in experiment

  • Lizards also drop tails when attacked

  • The ability to grow heads was first revealed

  • Some creatures re grow some of their organs

  • In this state, energy is probably taken from sunlight

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Sea snails are also colorful to see. Many of their species are found in the

sea. For the first time, this characteristic of his is revealed that he can probably

regenerate every part of his body. Actually, after coming to light of the incident of

growing new head after cutting the head, intensive scientific research has started

on it. Prior to this, some reptiles like lizards, escaping their tail leaving their

shaking tail and escaping, were already in our knowledge. It had evolved

naturally to become a prey to someone. But the whole body should be grown, for

the first time it has been reported. Intensive research is now being done on this

property of sea snail because it can also provide new information and advantages

in medical science. Many times, in the event of incurable type of disorder in the

human body, if the method of developing a new organ is involved in this way,

then it will surely advance humans further during the period of evolution. If

humans develop this ability, then by replacing the damaged or deformed organs

with medicine, new organs can be made better by developing them. But it will

take time to fully understand how the sea snail does this work. Leaving part of

your body away is called autotomy in biology. A creature that survives being

killed by this method has the characteristic that it can regenerate a discarded

organ. This is especially the case with the tail.

We have all seen the lizards leaving the tail

Leaving his flapping tail, the fleeing victim provides food to the attacking

creature and saves himself. Scientists associated with this research want to

understand the changes in the cells of the body from the sea snail. So that it can

be more clear how he grows a new head for himself. This is the first time I have

had a chance to see it during ongoing research in Japan. Sayaka Mitoh, the

zoologist there, says that he saw a sea snail of Japanese species tearing off its

head. Even then his body kept working and then his head was successful in

preparing a new body. Many other sea snails were also seen doing this while

research was continuing. Scientists predict that after stripping the head, this

species, like tree plants, begins to gain energy from sunlight through the method

of photo synthesis. Therefore, they remain alive even if there is no head.

Meanwhile, what happens in his body is a puzzle at the moment. Professor Yoichi

Yusa of Nara Women’s University has also done a fresh research on it. During the

experiment these people had cut the heads of sixteen such sea snails. Six of them

began to grow their organs again. Three of these six survive. One of these three

had grown his entire body in the same order twice. Two species of sea snail found

near Japan have been found to have this quality so far.

Sea snails chopped head creates new torso

It says that before this information could not be found in a creature to make its

entire body anew. After the separation of earthworms, two different organisms

start to develop, people are aware of this. Canadian sea zoologist Susan Antoine

says that this is a strange situation in itself, but it is also really surprising. It is

estimated that after cutting the head, like a tree or a plant, they not only keep

themselves alive by taking energy from the sunlight but also create new organs.

After the head is cut, the body of the sea snail also becomes light green. Research

has also found that there are some species of sea snail, which together are male

and female. They can play the role of male or female as required. They also have

the ability to make such changes in their body immediately if needed.

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