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Killer whale group surrounded and killed blue whale

  • The game ended after an hour of fighting

  • They were making strange sounds during attack

  • When people move closer, there was nothing left

  • This kind of strange thing was seen in the sea of Western Australia

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Killer whale are very aggressive animal but they can attack bigger blue

whale, it was not expected. But ir really took place and tourists and scientists

witnessed it from their boat. The coastline of Western Australia is famous for

tourism. There are tourists from all over the world. At present, it has decreased

considerably due to Corona crisis and airline disruptions. Even then it is a popular

trip to see whales in the seaside of Western Australia. Many companies work on it

regularly and take tourists on boat trips to show whales in the sea. They are

guaranteed that they will show the whale in the sea to the tourists. For this, they

use state-of-the-art equipment, which shows where the group of whales are

present. A similar visit has seen a unique hunting scene for the first time. On

seeing this, the tourists as well as other experts present on the boat are shocked.

See what people saw in the video

Generally this type of hunting has been observed to occur very rarely in the sea.

The specialty of this event is that a group of killer sharks surrounded and hunted a

much larger blue whale than their size. The people present there were surprised to

see this scene. Actually, even after seeing the whales around them, people could

not understand that this is actually a siege operation in the depths of the sea,

which they are going to see the victim later. As they progressed further, they

slowly came to understand. Oceanographer Christy Brown of the Australian

company Naturalist Charters says that it was like a normal day trip. Later events

would change so fast, no one expected it.

The boat started from the Beamer Way in Western Australia

Tourists aboard the boat from Beamer Way in Western Australia believe that the

two killer whales first trapped the blue whale in its net. Moving towards a prey

smaller than his own, the blue whale could not even find out that the killer whale’s

flank surrounded it from all sides. He was attacked by a flag of about seventy

killer whales. Probably, the birds flying in the sea had already been suspected of

being attacked. For this reason, he was already hovering in the hope of getting

prey there. Perhaps the seabirds were able to see well what is going on in the

depths of the sea from the sky. For this reason, these birds had guessed at which

place this collision is going to happen. What some people saw after moving from

Beamer Way in Western Australia was astonishing. After nearly an hour of

continuous struggle, the big blue whale was finally killed. Christy Brown says

that it was awful to see, but it was the first time she saw it. When the boat went

ahead with tourists and scientists, after going about 28 kilometers, they saw two

killer whales. When the boat got close to them, they were seen playing. After

some time, attention of the people on the boat came to the notice that they are

making strange sounds unlike their habit.

Killer whales were making strange sounds during attack

This is also causing strange movements in the sea. It was not found in his habits.

A group of killer whales were scattered all around. Only two were in the direct

sight of the people aboard the boat. In the midst of this noise, suddenly a huge

spoon came out from the middle sea and behind it also came the huge blue whale

on the surface of the sea. It is now being speculated that perhaps even the strange

sound waves emitted by killer whales had any effect on this giant creature. The

blue whale which came out on the surface of the sea was about 16 meters in size.

Due to the distance, it could not be decided whether this blue whale was an infant

or a pygmy whale species. Because it was not possible to go to the battlefield and

later his name was not left untouched. Know that the blue whale is twice the size

of these killer whales. Also, even after being called killer whale, they are actually

dolphin species. After besieging their prey, the group made noises circling around

to exhaust them. Meanwhile, the other killer whale also continued to reach there

due to their noise.

The attack started after being surrounded from all sides

After that, the work of taking him from all four sides with their sharp teeth

started, which lasted for about an hour. That area of the sea was red with blood.

After the killing of that Blue Whale, the species of Pilot whale also came to

participate in the hunt, this group also chased them away. The entire game was

over around 3 pm local time in Western Australia. When the people on the boat

got closer, they could not find any piece of dead body. During this time, only the

flying birds were seen collecting their share from their beak in between.

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