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The Next Generation Building Based on Japan’s Origami

  • A strong structure is formed even after being temporary

  • This new method will also be useful in space missions

  • New scientific thinking came out of handicraft craft

  • It will also help in settlement on the moon

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: The next generation buildings will be built in such a way that they will

be able to maintain their shape without facing any pressure. Originating

handicrafts are the only toy in Japan to bend and give attractive toy-like shapes.

Based on this method, now scientists have shown this new wonder. By the way,

similar methods have been used in making temporary camps etc. Such temporary

structures are used especially in the needs of temporary hospitals and military

cantonments. But till now it was necessary for such structures that they constantly

bear pressure to maintain their shape. It is difficult to maintain such structures like

temporary tents. Such temporary structures are flat when the pressure is removed.

Now the Howard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

(SEAS) has found a completely new solution. Scientists there have used the

technique of Japanese handicraft in it. Through this, new generation building

structures can be built.

Larger size structures can also withstand pressure

Even after being large, they do not have to make extra arrangements to maintain

their shape. Katia Bartoldi, William and Ami Kuan Danof have been associated

with it. These people said that it has been possible to do so after an in-depth study

of the size and pressure management of Japan’s handicraft origami. Based on the

principle of geometric mathematics, it has been possible to do so. The research

team first worked on the triangle shaped structures and completed the work of

connecting them together. Like its original handicraft, the structures built on this

principle were able to easily maintain their shape by dividing the pressure all


Next Generation Building Material is new achievement

Regarding this principle, Benjamin Gorissen of this institution said that now any

such building material can be made from any material. These will not only be

economical but will also be recyclable. To prove the theory of their research, the

team has constructed an eight feet by 4 feet structure. This structure made of thick

plastic sheets also spreads on its own. In this regard, David Melakone says that in

the event of a natural disaster, such structures will be very useful. They can be

carried on a truck like a flat surface and can be stretched to the point of need.

These structures can be mixed together to provide a new and stronger shape. At

present, scientists are focusing only on strong-sized structures. Regarding this,

Chuck Hoberman said that only attention has been paid to the fact that they are

used in natural disaster and remain safe from there. But the use of such structures

will also make a lot of work easier in future space missions. These new types of

structures are going to work in future in the settlement of humans on the moon or

in the mission of Mars. This feature of turning flat and establishing its shape at

the place of need is bringing its future generation as the building material.

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