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Arctic sponges were seen to change their place for first time

Scientist shocked by seeing strange sight on sea level

All its incidents are being recorded on camera

They can only use their body to get speed

It has been considered impossible till now

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Arctic sponges are changing their place. This view at sea bed has really

surprised scientists. What was considered impossible till now, after seeing the

scene there too, the whole matter is being investigated seriously. Actually sponges

without a base usually remain in one place for a lifetime. This has been done till

date. Scientists are surprised to see Arctic sponges being replaced for the first


See what is recorded in the video

After the confirmation of this incident on 26 April, the matter is now being

investigated in depth in the entire area. It has been seen through the eyes of state-

of-the-art equipment on the sea floor. It has been found that there are traces of

sponges moving from one place to another. This was never seen happening

before. Teresa Maraganti of the Max Planck Institute of Marine Microbiology and

Autun Parser of the Alfred Wegner Holmage Center for Polar and Marine Research

have provided information about this. He has told that the spike marks running

with the Arctic sponge are clearly visible. This makes it clear that they are

changing the location. But why it is happening, it is difficult to say anything

definitively now. For the first time, this is being seen in many places, whereas the

scientist were thinking that the sponge will remain in one place. The spikes

associated with sponges are also interconnected. So, in the event of changing

place, the marks are clearly visible. The changing of sponges in such a large

number is being seen for the first time, which is surprising.

Arctic sponges movements were recorded in camera

With the help of cameras on the arctic ocean floor, scientists have seen that many

sponges are piling up leaving their former places and moving towards another

location. These are all developed sponges. Changing their location is also

important because they do not have any muscle or any other organ to move. They

can gain momentum by shrinking and lengthening their body. It has already been

investigated in the laboratory that sponges prepared there also do this to change

the shape of their body i.e. they increase and decrease their body size. This makes

them successful in achieving a particular shape. Video recording of such activities

has also come to light on the arctic sea floor under snow-covered areas, in which

the sponges of sponges are clearly visible. In the area where this is seen

happening, its upper surface is always covered with snow. It is the area of

Langseth Ridge. The entire activity was controlled from the control room

installed above with the help of a small device such as a camera and state-of-the-

art submarine. It is clear that many types of sponges are changing their area. The

sponge population in this area is also higher than in other areas. Scientists are still

not ready to come to any conclusion about the real reason of the occurrence of

changing the area of seventy percent of living sponges in the area. They are

talking about doing more research for this.

These sponges have traveled many meters

The signs of changing the place have been recorded, they have been found to be

several meters long and sometimes several centimeters high. They are also

sometimes connected to each other due to their spikes. Therefore, the marks of

several sponges moving from one place to another are also clearly visible. In the

3D model prepared on the basis of all the data, it is also seen that at times they are

also changing the direction. Hence it cannot be considered as a phenomenon

caused by normal gravity. Perhaps sponges are doing this in search of better food

for themselves. Scientists make a preliminary estimate that even in small pieces

of stones on the arctic sea bed in this area, due to the high amount of mineral, the

sponges are wandering around for food. These activities are also being monitored

continuously under the arctic water by machines to check whether there is any

relation with the growth of sponges. It is possible that this can also be revealed in

the coming days with pictures and videos.

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