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Bees will be used for rapid screening of corona virus See video

  • They put their tongues out as soon as they smell

  • This quality came due to continuous training

  • Preparations for bio chip also in progress

  • Netherlands scientists are training bees

Rashtriya Khabar

Amsterdam: Bees will be used for rapid corona test. The method of quick

screening of corona by bees may be implemented soon. Scientists have trained

bees for this to make them uniquely identifiable. Now they can detect the smell of

the virus and as soon as they get this smell, they take out their tongue. This 

shows that there is presence of corona virus in front. In this way corona patients

can be examined at a much faster pace than the current method. Scientists are

specially training bees for this so that they can detect the smell of corona virus

immediately. Examining this method may come as a highly convenient option in

poor countries. In the present investigation, it takes time and its cost is also high.

Because of this price, this investigation is going on very slowly in many poor

countries. Professor Wim van der Poel of the Wageningen University,

Netherlands, said that bees are present everywhere in the world. Examining them

through specialized equipment by training them would prove to be relatively

inexpensive. Scientists have trained 150 bees for this under research. Scientists

have practiced placing the corona virus in a solution mixed with water and sugar

in front of them. Due to constant practice, these bees have learned to put out their

tongues from the smell of corona virus, not sugar and water solution.

Bees have been 95 percent successful in experiment

After training, it has been observed that as soon as they get the smell of corona

virus, they take out their tongue and it is a work of few seconds. Earlier these bees

used to lick the tongue of sugar and water solution. But later she has learned to do

so by recognizing the smell of corona virus. The research team is working

towards achieving 95 percent successes in this test. Prior to the use of insect kites,

the test to detect landmines present under the ground has been successful. The

same has been done on several occasions to trace minerals.

They were used to detect explosives earlier See video

Under this experiment running on bees, whenever new bees were applied in this

work, before that they were allowed to cool in the freeze to reduce their activity.

The bees are then placed in a small glabrous shell. So that they remain stable and

can only use the power of smelling. Along with this, scientists also want to make

a bio chip which can react by smelling like them. After this type of bio chip is

created, the need to do such investigation by capturing bees will also be

eliminated. Corona virus screening has also been tested before with dogs. In

which the ability of virus detection of dogs has been found to be up to 96 percent

effective. Professor Dirk de Graf of the University of Ghent, Belgium, said that

if this happens, the money and time it takes to test the laboratory will be saved.

Presently, due to the expansion of Corona, its investigation has become more

urgent in a short time.


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