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Insects will come out of the ground in number of trillions

  • Been waiting inside the ground for the last seventeen years

  • This incident will happen in some areas of America

  • Make a loud sound after climbing trees

  • But they do not pose a threat to humans

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Insects will come out of ground in trillions. With their coming out, the

whole area will be filled with these insects. This is not the scene of any science

fiction film. It is really going to happen. In the East Coast and Central West areas

of America, trillions of Insects will come out of the ground like locusts. They

were buried in the ground for the last 17 years and were waiting for the right

weather and temperature. The right atmosphere for their exit is now ready. By the

way, these cicada insects are not as dangerous to humans as grasshoppers. In size,

they are slightly smaller than grasshoppers. In the next few weeks, this view is

going to be seen in the mentioned areas of America. By the way, even after their

exit in trillion, there is nothing to fear for humans. They will first leave their skin

after getting out of the ground. After that, they will be busy for the next one

month for family growth. The cicada, which will be seen millions on a tree, also

makes a loud sound during this time. It sounds strange to hear the sound of a

wave of about one hundred decibels, but it is really just the sound of searching for

your partner. This time, Dr. Jessica Wire, expert of the American Museum of

Natural History, says that it will be a strange view that everyone living in these

areas will see these insects around their house.

Insects were buried for last 17 years as eggs

Scientists were already aware of cicada eggs. It was being monitored when eggs

lay inside the ground for the last seventeen years. Their relationship with the

weather of their coming out after waiting for seventeen years is also a new topic

of research for scientists. There is no scientific explanation as to why they drop

out of trillions of insects after only seventeen years. It is estimated that even after

being buried in the ground, hormones present in the eggs become active due to

any particular weather and temperature. This has been observed to happen after

the ground temperature is 64 degrees. At this temperature the cicada insects come

out of the eggs and begin to climb the trees directly after leaving the leather. Their

life is also only three to four weeks. In the meantime, they have to prepare the

next generation. The next generation of eggs lay buried in the ground again and

after the next 17 years, the right season comes out again. By the way, scientists

have made it clear that these insects neither bite humans nor cause any trouble.

Even after the number of trillions of these insects in the gardens of the people,

they do not cause any harm to the trees. The priority of these insects is to find a

mate and increase their generation. They have a maximum time of four weeks for

this entire process. On the other hand this cicada also becomes available as a

better food for other animals.

It is also a good food for many other creatures

Generally, there is nothing in the way of fear of grasshoppers. Locust eggs also

await particular weather and temperatures in moist forests. Locusts also come out

of the eggs as soon as the right season arrives. But the danger with locusts is that

as they get bigger, they bounce off the entire greenery of their path. Their queues

also grow up to several kilo meters while bouncing. After that they start flying

and when they fly the sky turns black. More recently, the western regions of India

have suffered locust attacks, which had progressed after being born in the desert

jungles of Pakistan.


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