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Those who already have buildings, why they need more: Sheikh Hasina

  • First of all, the Tribal there will get plots

  • Plot allocation done through video conferencing

  • After death, three and a half hands have to go inside the ground

Rashtriya Khabar

Dhaka: Those who already have luxurious buildings, huge houses, why they want

a plot of this Purvanchal is beyond my comprehension. Bangladesh Prime

Minister Sheikh Hasina has strongly criticized this trend amidst a fierce

competition to get land in a new city being built for the poor. She said in sharp

words that after dying, everyone has to go to the tomb of the same three and a half

hands. No one takes all this wealth, there with them. Yet why is there so much

greed. Today, through a video conference, the Prime Minister has made a strong

comment on the competition for grabbing the land in Purvanchal. Through this

video conferencing, She said this while allotting one thousand 440 plots prepared

for the old residents and poor people of this area. Sheikh Hasina said that we are

continuing to be new cities. The money-people of this country already have a lot

of assets. It is not necessary for them to be home. They make very good houses

wherever they land. Then why is there so much competition for this Purvanchal

land. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh said that those who should have got these

plots had already mentioned it clearly in the file. Now those who have houses in

the posh areas of Dhaka, why they want land here, it is beyond my imagination. 

Those who already have what they will do?

In this Purvanchal there was also a proposal to build a memorial in memory of

Bangabandhu Majibur Rahman, which was rejected by Sheikh Hasina. She said

today that I had written it clearly in the file in the beginning that the Tribal who

are here will be allotted the plot first. It was the responsibility of the officials to

see how they would get this land. She said that every citizen of the country should

have a house of their own except those who already have it. Every citizen should

have a roof over his head, every house should have electricity and every house

should be educated, this is the priority of this government.

The plan is to make Purvanchal in 6 thousand 277 acres of Narayanganj, Rupganj,

Ghazipur and Kaliganj areas in the year 1996. Land acquisition and other works

have taken up to the year 2009. Even after this, Sheikh Hasina constantly paid

attention to settle this city. Those who already have good houses, whether they got

plots or not, it was their priority to give plots to the original residents. This

allotment has been done now. 

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