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Genetically modified Mosquito will be used to control mosquito population

  • This GMM kill female mosquitoes

  • Experimentation done in three areas

  • There is strong opposition at the local level

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Genetically modified Mosquito will take control of few areas of Florida.

Many social organizations and other groups of Florida are opposing it. They are

opposing the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in this way. They argue

that citizens should get complete information about whether it can have fatal

consequences or not. Otherwise the public get into any other trouble in the matter

of getting rid of one problem. However, the experiment that American officials

are going to try here is the result of a decade of research. They believe that these

genetically modified mosquitoes can play a better role in reducing the population

of real mosquitoes. Scientists associated with this work have also claimed to have

thoroughly investigated every aspect of it. This method is being tried after being

aware of other dangerous consequences of killing mosquitoes by spraying

pesticides repeatedly in the area. According to the information received about this

test, in the initial phase, 12 thousand such genetically modified mosquito eggs

will be released in certain areas. Six areas have been identified for this. After

coming in contact with water there, mosquitoes will be born from these eggs. It is

made by a US-owned British company Oxitech. By next week these mosquitoes

will get into the atmosphere once they grow up. After that the genetically

modified mosquitoes will start realizing. The proposal to control the mosquito

population with genetically modified mosquitoes was approved by the US

government in the month of May 2020. There are plans to release 750 million

such mosquitoes in two years.

Many local organizations in Florida are opposing this

Naturally produced mosquitoes also carry with them yellow fever, dengue and

Zika virus. It has been claimed that genetically modified mosquitoes will be able

to overcome all these problems. The plan has been told that 144,000 male

mosquitoes will be released first. These will be released during a period of three

months. After releasing them, it will be investigated whether they are making

physical contact with natural female mosquitoes. In the event of contact, the

female mosquito will lay eggs, mosquitoes will not be born from them. The

target of this whole experiment is the natural female mosquitoes that sting and

suck blood in people. At the same time, the virus present in them enters the body

of the people. Aedes aegypti class female mosquitoes prefer to stay close to the

human population because they receive human blood nearby. The Oxitech

company has claimed that this new species of genetically modified mosquitoes

has the potential to destroy the next generation of populations. Apart from this, it

also contains viruses that kill female mosquitoes. This rapidly reduces mosquito

population. In order to breed mosquitoes in the laboratory, help has been taken

from female mosquitoes who are born with tetracycline antibiotics in their body.

In the boxes in which these eggs have been brought, there is only food and water

for the eggs.

Genetically modified Mosquito will target female mosquitoes

After being born there, they will get mixed up in the natural environment. After

which, the work of virus-borne female mosquitoes will begin to be eliminated.

During this time, the entire incident will also be monitored. This experiment has

been successful everywhere. This method has been successful in reducing the

mosquito population by 95 percent in a region of Brazil. Overall, this experiment

is going to start even after opposition from social organizations at the local level.

About which the company claims 100 percent success, while the opposing social

organizations have their own scientific arguments. If the experiment is successful,

But genetically, it would be more important to investigate all aspects.


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