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Sharks determine the right direction from the Earth’s magnetic fields

  • Many other animals of the world also take advantage of this

  • They have the best support to cover long distances

  • White shark travels more than 12 thousand miles

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Sharks and many other creatures are able to decide the right direction for themselves based

on the Earth’s magnetic fields. After research at several levels, its effects have been recorded in their

daily routine. Due to the effect of the same magnetic fields of the earth, they also cover distances of

thousands of miles correctly.

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It is also a great support for many other creatures of the world. With this help, they not only move on

the right path but also return in the right way. Research has found that in addition to sharks, sea

turtles and dogs also use it. Based on this, they decide their direction. The question of how sharks

travel thousands of miles correctly has been on the mind of scientists for a long time. Going thousands

of miles away, finding the right place for your food and then walking thousands of miles on another

path and then returning to the right place was a big question in itself. Now according to the research

report released in this regard, all of them are able to determine their destination correctly with the

help of the Earth’s magnetic fields. This report states that in the same way birds and whales as well as

many other species resort to it to travel long distances. In this regard, Brian Keller, a zoologist at

Florida State University, has said that in fact all these creatures work like a GPS method. On the basis

of this, they complete the journey of thousands of miles exactly because the magnetic fields of the

earth constantly tell them where they are going.

Sharks use this Earth’s magnetic fields as their GPS

scientific estimation is that the iron present in the depth of about two thousand miles below the

surface earth, coming in contact with the external electricity, creates this magnetic field. It shows its

influence to every end of the earth. According to scientists, it also has effects outside the Earth. The

earth’s magnetic field is also activated outside the earth, because it gives the earth the strength to

survive the radiation of sun rays. The effect of the Earth’s magnetic field is different at different ends of

the Earth. On this basis, the creatures who determine their direction have made themselves so perfect

that even after being in any part of the earth, they decide on which basis they have to go. Perhaps some

creatures will be able to understand and feel the entire structure of the Earth’s magnetic field better.

Therefore, they do not do anything wrong in the direction decision. Perhaps on this basis they get to

know where they are right now and where they have to reach. Scientists were already judged about

sharks as having any additional properties, which would allow them to cover such long distances

correctly. The researchers experimented on a bonehead shark to reach the conclusion of this research.

The shark of this species knows to return to its original place properly. The research team caught

twenty sharks of this species off the coast of Florida and placed them in a tank about ten feet in size. An

artificial fine magnetic field was created over an area of three square feet of this tank.

Artificial magnetic fields were also tried in the experiment

Because of this; sharks of this species could only grow up to four feet. Several types of magnetic fields

were copied in this tank many times. When this was done, all sharks changed their swim direction,

sensing the associated magnetic field. These creatures showed no interest in the indication of

magnetic fields in many other places. Great white sharks, covering a distance of 12,400 miles from

South Africa to Australia, also reach the right place by setting their direction from the Earth’s magnetic

fields. On the same path, they also return again after nine months. However, the method by which

sharks or other animals detect the Earth’s magnetic fields, it is not yet clear. By the way, it has been

found that dogs are able to move in the right direction with the help of this technique as well as their

sniffing power.

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