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Another type of life threat to wildlife due to corona

  • Concerned over the life of animals who raise them

  • After use we throw away things very carelessly

  • All such things must be finished up properly

  • A new type of trouble all over the world

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Another type of life threat to wild animals created only due to corona

virus spread. No, the corona viruses have not caused any harm to these animals

and birds. But what we use to protect us from corona has caused a life of wild

animals. It looks the same all over the world and the results are equally fatal.

Researchers have instructed humans to take more precautions to prevent this

condition. It has been told that the masks and gloves we are using to protect us

from the corona have resulted in this crisis because of throwing it away. Animals

and birds carry these waste where it is lying there. Many times their lives are

disturbed due to these. In recent times, environmental lovers have rescued many

such birds, animals and fish, who were trapped in some way. Along with this, the

pollution of plastics by throwing them is also increasing at a dangerous level. PPE

kits worn specifically for protection are made of plastic. They are making space in

the ground due to their lack of proper arrangements. Later they continue to flow

by flowing in the water. This is becoming a second type of environmental hazard.

Scientists and environmental lovers have demanded the execution of such garbage

in a way, blaming the negligence of humans for this condition. Otherwise, it will

cause extreme damage to wildlife, which will not be replenished.

These are being used more because of Corona

Even during the Corona Crisis, people involved in the maintenance of wildlife

have realized this danger in recent times. Most birds carry the mask. Many times

their feathers get trapped in it after being taken to their nests. Because of this they

do not even fly. Many birds have also been rescued from this condition. Apart

from this, wild monkeys hovering close to the population also eagerly pick up

every such item. They too do not realize the danger, but sometimes they also get

caught in it and especially in the PPE kit. The monkey flag does more harm to the

monkey trapped in the PPE kit in an attempt to save his companion. However, a

warning was also issued in this regard last year. But later the attention of the

people was diverted due to reduced corona crisis. Now this crisis is beginning to

take place again. Researchers have also published a report about this. Many times

animals and birds are killed because of tearing the PPE kit and swallowing their

small pieces. For this reason, PPE kits, masks and gloves are being advocated

frequently. Researchers have also offered many clear examples and photographs

about its dangers. Many animals like jackal have also died due to its grip; it is

also mentioned in this report.

Another type of threat must end by the users

It is reported that a penguin swallowed a mask in Brazil. On the other hand,

jackals and wild animals were caught in the UK in the process of lifting it, due to

which they were suffocated. Last year while cleaning a canal in Leiden in the

Netherlands, it was found that a fish was trapped inside a latex glove.

Leiden University zoologists Lisselotte Rambonet and Florian Himstra have also

done extensive research on this. Both have recorded what has caused some

damage to the wild life due to the throwing of goods used by humans to protect

them from the corona. Now volunteers of organizations working for

environmental protection have also appealed to immediately remove them if they

see such waste around the forest. By the way, in many other countries of the

world including the US, domesticated cats and dogs have also been found to be

harmed. Researchers have made it clear that it is the responsibility of human

beings to execute such equipment once used by humans. Human do not carry out

their responsibilities properly and it has become another type of life threat to wild

life. Even before this, we are aware of the information about death from whale to

turtle in the sea due to plastic. These scientists have suggested that if there is no

way to properly execute such waste, they should at least be cut and cut into small

pieces so that they do not become life-threatening for wildlife.

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