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New type of material created by Scientists

  • It can do the resizing itself as per requirement

  • The internal structure remains the same in change

  • Better use of it in medical science for future treatments

  • The research team of the University of Singapore prepared

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: New type of material has been created. It is such a substance, which

itself understands the need and is able to do its work accordingly. It is also

capable of delivering medicines to a specific target apart from the object of

changing the size of the mobile phone. To deliver medicine to a specific goal

means to take medicine to a particular place inside the body. By this, patients

suffering from diseases like cancer will be able to get the right and prescribed

amount of medicine. His own intelligence present in this particular substance tells

that he has cancer cells close to him, only then it releases the drug which directly

affects such cells. It has been prepared at the Center for Advanced 2D Materials

of the National University of Singapore. In other words, we can also consider it as

an intelligent substance because it takes a proper review of the condition around it

and decides its proper work for itself. Although it is a two-dimensional material,

but the way it works is like an electrolyte. For this reason, he is able to deliver

medicine to a special place within the body. Due to this ability it is also expected

that it can also be used more and more in medical science. Like conventional two-

dimensional electrolyte, its molecular particles can change in different forms at

different states. During this, electric charge also arises in them. The good thing is

that the molecular structure of this different type of substance can also be

controlled externally.

New type of material beneficial for medical world

Scientists believe that they can also be used in future in artificial muscle structure

and energy storage related to medical science. These are all facts based

exclusively on medical use. The team, led by Professor Antonio Castro Neto, has

been successful in preparing it. Professor Neto is also the director of the same

center. The people of Physics and Material Science and Engineering were also

taken help in completing this work. After completion of the work and its success,

its report has been published on 12 May. In which it has been said that it is

actually a solid substance, all its molecules are in the same layer. That is, in terms

of understanding, it can be assumed that this substance is flat like a white paper,

which can change its shape when needed because there is no depth in it. When

dissolved in a fluid, he can keep his electrical energy with him. That is, after

separating from the fluid, it returns to its shape again due to its ability. To make

this, the research team used organic particles along with Graphene and

molybdenum dysulfide. This is why he has the power to change his size on his

own. Pro. Neto explained that this material can be called smart material because

its electronic properties are controlled in another way. After the creation of this

smart material, now new doors of research have been opened, it is being claimed.

Most of its use is in medical science.

Its two dimensional but remains one dimensional on need

Due to the pH value present in this two-dimensional substance on a paper side, it

has the ability to change the shape on its own. During this change, this smart

substance remains with its basic properties. It has been used with acids, alkali,

salts as well. This created electrical charges inside the smart material. But after

the process, they were found to have lashes by their natural properties. After the

successful completion of this New type of material research, it is now expected to

be used in nano fiber and smart textiles as well. That is, the fabric prepared from

it will automatically consider itself as the shape of the wearer, and will adapt it

accordingly. In the world of electronics, this material will understand the

molecular and electrical needs on its own and will work accordingly.


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