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Conflict between tectonic plated created a new area under sea

  • New Zealand has a new land ready under the sea

  • This sequence of change will still continue

  • Strong waves always arise in this area

  • In this new area is part of two plates

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: conflict between tectonic plates together is not new. Whenever this rub is

high, we also feel earthquake. But for the first time information about the new

type of effect has been received. There is a special area in the Tasman sea in the

south of New Zealand, where the waves are rising very high. On an average there

are 20 feet high hoists. While understanding this, it has been learned that the sea

level below this area is also not calm. A new Puysegur Trench is being built there.

This is the newest thing for the Earth. After discovering this, scientists have

investigated it further. Investigation has brought more information about what is

going on below the sea level. Based on these information, it is seen that in this

region the Australian plate has moved from its location to the inside of the Pacific

plate. This is why a new subduction zone is being created. The change in this area

has the effect of going under a plate till the last layer of the earth. But this time,

new land is being built on the seabed. It is now understood that the sea here

remains so turbulent due to this process going on at the sea level. The structure of

this new ground is also surprising because the ground that is being formed by the

rubbing of two tectonic plates is being formed by combining the parts of both

tectonic plates. This is strange in itself but it seems to be happening.

Conflict between plates created turbulence in the ocean

Due to this upheaval, earthquake tremors are also being felt more in this region.

There is also a record of a major earthquake of 7.4 in 2004 in the same region.

Even above the sea, strong winds can always be felt in this area only. Even after

the rest of the sea is calm, the real reason for the upheaval here is the movement

below the sea level. By the way, we have already got scientific proof of being

buried inside a continent in this way. This continent is known as zealandia. It is

also buried under the Australian Plate and Pacific Plate located in the same area.

From the new developments happening now, it can be expected that new

information will also be available about why the continent of Zealandia was

buried under two tectonic plates. From this at least it will be known what else

happens due to the mutual confrontation of these huge plots located in the depths

of the earth’s land. Researcher Brandon Shook of the University of Texas, who

conducted research in this regard, said that now all these zones have their own

importance, along with tectonic plates. These are the third surfaces formed by

collision of two plates which are developing by taking part of both plates. It may

be because of these new areas that the process of rubbing of tectonic plates

continues uninterruptedly. It is understandable that when two plates collide, the

shape and shape of the stones in them change.

Wet soil is solidified by the temperature below

Many parts are completely changed by melting due to the heat generated by the

friction there. Therefore, it is not easy to understand this Puysegur Trench, which

is new. A research ship that went there in the year 2018 had to spend most of its

time under the cover of nearby islands. People on this ship have told that the sea

waves were so high that it was getting difficult to handle. Even after this, the

research team made some effort and collected data from the seismometer under

the sea level there. Based on the data obtained from it, a model of the

geographical location of the sea floor has also been prepared. There is a scientific

assessment of this whole phenomenon that during the collision of two tectonic

plates, a lot of land becomes absolutely soft and comes up. It consists of the parts

of both plates which are rubbed or melted during rubbing. This mud-like uplift on

the ocean floor has been hardened due to the magma coming from the bottom of

the plot. Now they have taken the shape of a new type of land. But scientists

believe that this process is probably still going on and in future it will be known

how big this new plot or subduct zone has become. Well, according to us, it will

take millions of years to get this work done.


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