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Blind man for last Forty years can see now with gene therapy

  • He was given a special injection in the eye

  • Proteus developed through innocent virus

  • Can look around after a proper training

  • Protein improved vision from gene therapy

Rashtriya Khabar

Ranchi: Blind man can see around. This man was blind for forty years. Now he

has got new vision. He can now see the things around him. This has become

possible through the method of gene therapy. The research was carried forward by

the gensight biologics of Paris. Under this, a person who was blind for forty years

was given injections of a special type of gene. By this method, his power of

seeing has returned considerably. He cannot see clearly but is able to see things

around him now. This method has been named Opto genetics by scientists. For

this, special types of goggles were also given to that person. This is detailed in the

previous issue of Nature Medicine. This method gene therapy has already been

used to remove many types of brain defects. According to the information given

by the Paris-based company about this method, a special type of protein is given

through injection into the patient’s eye. This protein is capable of reacting upon

exposure to light. In this gene therapy, this protein is transmitted directly to the

brain by the light coming in front of the eyes. For this reason, the patient is able to

see. For this, scientists have done the job of bringing a bacteria there through an

innocent virus. In the same bacteria, there are protons that react to such light.

After the virus was introduced into the eye, the researchers waited for the protein

to develop for four months. After that the work of testing the patient was started.

Blind man was examined before treatment

One by one, the eye of a forty-year-old blind person was examined and the effect

of this protein was tested on him. After getting everything right, the patient was

given a special type of goggles. The specialty of this spectacle was that it could

capture the light of protein-derived and convert them into computer data. Through

this, the scientists wanted to check whether what the patient is seeing is true or

not. In this regard, University of Pittsburgh ophthalmologist José Alain Sahel said

that the right amount of light entering the eye was reaching the brain in the right

amount. This was because a person’s healthy retina works by using lots of cells to

convey that signal to the brain. Not all the signs were reaching the mind here. But

still for forty years the person who could not see was able to understand the things

placed in front of him and its shape type. The signs of illumination that reach the

mind make the picture of the real shape. However, to do this work properly, the

patient also had to be trained to use this goggles. His mind also had to be trained

to understand what he was seeing because his mind was not even used to it. Due

to constant practice, this habit gradually developed. Researchers hope that the

patient’s eye-brain coordination will improve after wearing the goggles

continuously. But this research has also been affected by the corona epidemic in


Experiment is going on with many other people as well

Now scientists hope that after all the conditions are normal, it will bring

meaningful results within a year. John Flannery, a Neuro biologist at the

University of California at Berkeley, says this is a big step towards blindness

control. The best thing is that the benefit that a blind person has received for forty

years is permanent. It is clear that this artificial method cannot completely mimic

the work of the real eye, but providing the ability to see someone is also a big

thing in itself. This experiment was also going on on some other people, which

has been interrupted due to Corona. Now scientists involved in ophthalmology

want to know the effect of this protein on these other patients.

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