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Joe Biden, US President directed to re check corona virus case

  • US agencies asked to investigate afresh

  • Suspicion persists over virus leaks from Wuhan’s lab

  • Many of Wuhan’s lab workers also fell ill earlier

  • World Health Organization report not unanimous

Washington: Joe Biden, US President  has ordered a re-examination of all

information related to Corona. American agencies have been asked to examine all

the facts in this regard afresh. Actually, the corona virus leaking from Wuhan’s lab

is being investigated after new information comes out. Earlier, the World Health

Organization has already given a clean chit to China. A WHO investigative team

had reported after visiting the laboratory that the virus had not leaked from there.

Even then, many scientists were not satisfied with the WHO report. It is now

learned that many employees of this laboratory were ill and rushed to the hospital

before the virus leaked. The US President has issued such a directive only after

several new facts are confirmed about it. It is noteworthy that former President

Donald Trump had already accused China of spreading the virus. While making

such an allegation, Trump had also asked the WHO to act at the behest of China.

Many scientists of the world still believe that this virus has leaked from this

laboratory in Wuhan. However, they do not confirm any conspiracy for this. The

US President has also instructed his agencies to investigate how this virus reached

humans. Overall, the virus lab in Wuhan City, China, has come under discussion

ever since the directive was made public. Doubts have already been expressed

about this lab. There is no mention in the World Health Organization report that if

the virus did not come out from there, then how did it reached humans.

Joe Biden ordered despite China’s denial

However, China has repeatedly denied any such possibility from its side. China

later even alleged that the virus had actually come to him from another country.

By the way, the virus of Covid 19 was first identified from the city of Wuhan. The

city was completely sealed soon after Chinese military rule discovered the

outbreak of the virus. By the way, for the treatment of the people there, the

Chinese army company had proved its iron to the world by building a huge

hospital in ten days. US President Joe Biden formally announced yesterday that

he had ordered a re-investigation into the entire case. He said that two types of

apprehensions are being discussed right now. Therefore, the investigation will

reveal the truth only after verifying these facts. Anyway, the exact answer to the

question of how this virus reached humans has not been found so far. Various

types of apprehensions have been expressed about this. It is believed that

American intelligence agencies had also informed the US President about all the

facts in their regular report about this. Only after this, the whole matter has been

asked to investigate. The scope of this investigation will also be done keeping the

discussion of both apprehensions at the center.

Many other scientists also doubt China’s explanation

Other scientists of the world believe that this virus present in bats is spread in

humans. But the exact answer to this question has not been reached, through

which means this virus reached humans. There is a discussion that a variety of

viruses exist in that laboratory called Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan. It is

now being discussed that many employees of this lab were ill and rushed to the

hospital before the information about the spread of the virus was made public.

For this reason, there is a strong suspicion among scientists that China is not

giving accurate information about the matter completely. On the other hand, the

World Health Organization has also not been able to find the real source of the

virus. The new order of the US President is definitely going to increase the

controversy about China being involved in the spread of Corona virus all over the


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