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Banka Madrasa collapsed in huge explosion, One died, see video

Banka: Banka Madrasa building has been completely collapsed yesterday. There

was a huge explosion, which killed one Maulavi residing there. This explosion

was so severe that it has had an impact till the surrounding area. This madrasa

was built in the mosque complex of Banka where the blast took place. The entire

building of this madrasa has collapsed due to the blast.

See Video to witness the situation after explosion

The person killed in this incident has also been identified. Abdul Momin, a native

of Deoghar, has been killed in this. He was a Hafiz in the Banka madrasa and

used to teach children there. The deceased is a resident of Sarath in Madhupur

area of ​​Deoghar. According to eyewitnesses, when the blast took place in the

Banka Madrasa, the entire area was covered with dust and smoke. The explosion

was so loud that people could hear it clearly from a long distance. Hearing the

sound of the explosion, the nearby people ran away and came to this side. But

even the nearby villagers could not understand this incident at first and were

getting information from each other. Because of the collapse of the madrasa

building, it was considered a major bombing. As soon as the information about

this incident was received, the police also reached the spot. According to the

police, one Hafiz Mohammad Bobin, who used to teach in the madrasa, is a

resident of Sarath in Madhupur subdivision of Deoghar, Jharkhand.

Banks madrasa maulavi died in hospital

The people who reached there with the sound of the explosion, somehow took

him to the hospital. But due to heavy injuries in the explosion, he died during

treatment. Taking the Banka SP matter seriously, several police teams have been

engaged in research. SP Arvind Gupta has given complete information about the

incident to the senior officers of the police headquarters. Talking to the press, he

told that this madrasa was lying closed due to the lockdown but there has been an

explosion at eight o’clock this morning.

By the way, it is relevant to mention that even before this, the Rashtriya Khabar

had alerted the police in the case of bomb blasts in Bhagalpur. Many incidents of

bomb blasts have also happened in Bhagalpur, but it will be difficult to say how

far the police research has reached, but in the bomb found on the Nath Nagar

railway track on February 17, the hands of the Railway Police and the ATS team

are completely empty, somewhere the working style of the police. But the

question also arises.

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